Videos – Yehudis Blauner Notification

Videos – Yehudis Blauner Notification

Yehudis Blauner Wins 2017 Jewish Educator Award at Cheder Menachem in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA

When an 8th grade student at Cheder Menachem in Los Angeles describes Yehudis Blauner by saying, “She continuously leads the students, faculty and Cheder to places that we would never aspire to on our own,” it is clear that the General Studies principal is making a lasting impression. Cheder Menachem is the only Chabad Chassidic elementary school on the West Coast and Blauner works hard to set high standards for all subjects, incorporating ongoing professional development, data-driven instruction to meet Cheder Torah and Chassidic goals as well as Common Core Standards for science, technology and the arts.

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