Videos – Rabbi Usher Klein Notification

Videos – Rabbi Usher Klein Notification

Rabbi Usher Klein, Founder of Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok, Honored by 2012 Jewish Educator Award

Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok
Los Angeles, CA

For incoming students at Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok, the opportunity to anchor a high school career with Rabbi Usher Klein as the ninth-grade rebbe is a primary reason for the school’s waiting list from a variety of yeshivas. As Milken Family Foundation Executive Vice President Richard Sandler told students, “We can only make a difference in this world — as our ancestors made a difference in this world — is if we are educated and we learn.” In presenting the $15,000 honor to Rabbi Klein, the BJE and Milken Family Foundation gave public affirmation that this is happening for young people under Rabbi Klein’s watch.

All videos should be credited to the “Milken Family Foundation.”

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