2023 Jewish Educator Award Recipient Rabbi Moshe Tropper

Rabbi Moshe Tropper

Vice Principal
Year Honored: 2023

Emek Hebrew Academy
Sherman Oaks, CA

Biographical Information:

Rabbi Moshe Tropper has spent over two decades tirelessly advocating for advances in Jewish education and developing innovative learning programs at Emek Hebrew Academy.

After years as an elementary educator, Rabbi Tropper stepped into the role of middle school vice principal in 2021. His newly implemented Kriah learning program allows students to develop their Hebrew reading, decoding and fluency, then use an assessment tool to monitor their progress. Beyond the classroom, Rabbi Tropper builds community through unique educational opportunities whole families can enjoy: a father-son learning program, community sports and learning league, parent volunteer program, Sukkot fair and Chanukah bingo night. Students near and far participate in the rabbi’s summer camp, which offers Jewish enrichment, arts, games, team-building activities, and more. His dedication to education continues to foster a love of learning in hundreds of young Jewish scholars.

Note: This biography was current at the time this educator received the Award

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