2015 Jewish Educator Award Recipient Rabbi Levi Solomon

Rabbi Levi Solomon

Torah Principal
Year Honored: 2015

Emek Hebrew Academy, Teichman Family Torah Center
Sherman Oaks, CA

Biographical Information:

At Emek Hebrew Academy, Teichman Family Torah Center, students develop a knowledge and love of Torah thanks to Rabbi Levi Solomon’s expanded and engaging curriculum. To make sure the learning process is effective, he continuously mentors educators and monitors data on student progress. Rabbi Solomon’s commitment to professional development includes his own growth. He was recently selected to participate in a West Coast Principals Training Group pilot program. Believing that the family-school connection is vital to student success, Rabbi Solomon maintains close relationships with parents and attends student events outside of school, even coaching the Emek baseball team for several years.

Note: This biography was current at the time this educator received the Award

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