2014 Jewish Educator Award Recipient Barry Schapira

2014 Jewish Educator Award Recipient

Barry Schapira

Physical education coach
Year Honored: 2014

Brawerman Elementary School West of Wilshire Blvd Temple

Biographical Information:

Physical education coach Barry Schapira joined the team at Brawerman Elementary School West—a reform Jewish day school campus of Wilshire Boulevard Temple—back when there were only two grades. Not only did he develop the successful afterschool program, but the athletic program has also grown to include 15 teams of fourth-through-sixth graders that compete in the Coastal Canyon League of independent schools. A past-president of the league, Schapira’s leadership is also felt at Hebrew Union College where he lectures on incorporating Jewish values into physical education. While fitness and teamwork are obvious goals, Schapira’s integration of Jewish values is exemplified by a “spiritual scoreboard” that records how well students conduct themselves win or lose. Then again, with a role model like Schapira, everyone comes out a winner.

Note: This biography was current at the time this educator received the Award

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