2013 Jewish Educator Award Recipient Mickey Rabinov

Mickey Rabinov

Teacher & Administrator
Year Honored: 2013

Beth Hillel
Valley Village, CA

Biographical Information:

As a passionate Jewish educator, Mickey Rabinov daily supports the vision of living a full Jewish life for students at Beth Hillel Day School. In her three years at the school, she has worked diligently to elevate the Hebrew language program by adopting a new curriculum and introducing Hebrew language studies to students beginning at four years old. Because she knows that one size does not fit all, she tailors the Hebrew program to suit each grade level and student interest. As a result, Beth Hillel has been able to increase students’ proficiency while also developing in them a strong love of the language. Thanks to Mrs. Rabinov, it’s not uncommon to hear students singing and speaking Hebrew in the hallways and yard.

Mrs. Rabinov’s hands-on nature ensures that Beth Hillel’s Hebrew and Jewish studies program runs smoothly. She can typically be found in classrooms, helping students and consulting with teachers. Recognizing the importance of integrating Jewish values and history into the total educational program, she forges strong connections between the Hebrew and Jewish-studies teachers and general-studies teachers to create one dedicated team.

Realizing the effect the connection to Israel has on one’s Jewish identity, Mrs. Rabinov introduced the Federation’s Tel Aviv–Los Angeles Partnership to Beth Hillel. The school welcomed its first Israeli delegation last December and will send a delegation to Israel this April. Through her work, Mickey Rabinov has helped further students’ personal connection to the state of Israel and deepened their understanding of Jewish history, as well as fuel an appreciation for Hebrew as the language of the Jewish people.

Note: This biography was current at the time this educator received the Award

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