2010 Jewish Educator Award Recipient Debra Sokolow

Debra Sokolow

Visual Arts Teacher and Director of Architecture and Design Institute
Year Honored: 2010

Milken Community High School

Biographical Information:

Students in Debra Sokolow’s visual arts classes at Milken Community High School learn to open their minds to the beautiful world of artistic expression while also learning to open their hearts to how Judaism can be integrated into their daily lives. Sokolow’s art program has gained national renown as a model of innovation and excellence. At the school’s Architecture and Design Institute, she guides students in the creation of structures that fuse environmentally conscious design with practical as well as spiritual elements. For many years Sokolow taught a video production class in which students constructed large-scale documentaries based on the testimonies of Holocaust survivors. Most recently she facilitated the creation of the Mosaic Ark Wall and Eternal Light at the school. Through Sokolow’s leadership and vision, everything from conception to construction to final product was an inspiration for the entire community. A tremendous orchestrator of culture, she brings significant meaning to whatever she touches. Watch Debra Sokolow’s Notification video.

Note: This biography was current at the time this educator received the Award

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