Awards Luncheon

Milken Family Foundation Jewish Educator Awards Luncheon

A key element of the Jewish Educator Awards mission is the incorporation of community into both the recognition and the celebration of educator excellence. As a complement to the earlier surprise notifications before students and faculty when recipients were caught unaware with the exciting news of their individual Awards, the annual December luncheon is a more formal affair during which the four newest Award recipients are feted before family, close colleagues, and leaders from across the Los Angeles Jewish community. The event is especially noteworthy for bringing together those from the most Orthodox to the most secular, all united in their appreciation of the pivotal role of Jewish educators in the preparation of youth to embrace their Jewish heritage and the lifelong learning that will light the way for new generations.

“I attend hundreds of Jewish events every year, and I can tell you I don’t recall too many where I see black-hatted Jews having lunch with Reform Jews while celebrating Jewish…”

“But that’s the point of rewarding quality: It is independent of denomination.”

David Suissa, President
TRIBE Media Corp./Jewish Journal

Jewish Educator Awards